From researching to prototyping to visualizing—I remain passionate about crafting an informed experience that conveys meaningful user-centered concepts and has business value.

Having worked in environments ranging from large corporations to small agencies, I have experience in meeting design needs for a variety of industries. I hail from Philadelphia, PA but I can be found in Austin, TX working as a Senior Product Designer at USAA.

If you’re interested in collaborating on a project, telling me jokes, or sharing a synopsis of a good horror movie you saw recently, connect with me.

Talks I’ve organized

  • Jobs to be Done: A new perspective on user stories and empowering customers to achieve their desired state
  • Stories from the Field: Delivering value and navigating pivots

Topics I think about a lot

  • Designers working in a vacuum and why it’s in their best interest not to
  • Sharing responsibility with decision-makers to design ethically
  • How to align metrics across a whole organization